Wedding Videography and How I Do Things

When it comes to wedding videography, I’m pretty particular on how I do things.  And when it comes to shooting a wedding, preparation and angles are the key.  To me, that also means a wedding, in my opinion, can’t simply be shot with just one camera.  If you come across packages that offer 6 or 8 hours with just one videographer — and then to pile things on top of that, one 3-5 minute highlight video …. yeah …. you might want to think again.

My point of this post is as you watch the video below, take note of the camera angles and the transitions.  There are 3 cameras running for this ceremony.  I’ve had up to 4 and 5 in the past at certain weddings (which makes it so much fun when editing … seriously … it does).  I’m zoomed in close on both the bride and the groom as well as capturing a wider shot showcasing the sanctuary.  You just simply can’t capture a video like this with one camera.  Nope, can’t do it …

So, while planning your upcoming wedding and looking at selecting your videographer, take a look at their videos closely and see if you can see things from both perspectives.  See if you see multiple angles.  Can you imagine how boring your favorite TV show or movie would be with just one angle?  Why would you want your wedding to be any different?  Some brides are focused on hiring multiple photographers.  Why be any different when thinking about your wedding film?  Why not hire a videographer that utilizes multiple cameras, getting at least double the footage, and the best part is – you get this throughout your entire day?!  I’ll talk about lighting and audio on a future blog post – but for now, my rant is over.  :-)  Have a great week everyone!

Click the image below to view the video!

Daytona Beach Wedding Videography