Wedding Videography Media Creation – How We Roll

Once a wedding is completed, the footage has been organized, and I’m nearing the ending of the overall wedding film – then the other part of my fun begins and that’s in rendering out the final product that the couple receives.  I offer their wedding film in both digital format and on DVD.  The digital format is pretty easy and straight forward.  The DVD structure takes a little more work as you have to create menus, links to the video files, etc – but this is the part that I enjoy.

Orlando Wedding Videography

Daytona Beach Wedding Videography - Crystal Ballroom

As I’m nearing the end, I will shift over to Photoshop and begin to work on some initial designs for both the DVD itself and the DVD case.  I’m strictly an Adobe dude – so all of my work for all of the video work that I do lies within four applications – Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and Encore.  Below are a couple of mockups that I am trying out on a wedding that I captured recently in Casselberry at the Crystal Ballroom.

Crystal Ballroom - Wedding Videography

Crystal Ballroom - Wedding Videography

Again, I may add some additional elements to the DVD and cases (i.e. title, their names, etc) – but these are two rough draft mock ups that I came up with and I’m liking how they are looking already!  :-)

The digital copy that the couple receives is a USB drive that resembles a credit card in size.  This makes it extremely convenient to carry this around in a wallet, purse, bag, etc.  Couples have loved this and I’ve even had a Grandmother reach out recently wanting to order an additional one for her an her husband for their new IMac.  (Awesome, I love it!)

Wedding Videography Flash Drive

When you book with me, know that you will receive these two formats right off the bat.  While I will agree that optical media is fading away on all computers, the demand for DVDs is still high for me when speaking with couples, their parents, and extended family members – hence the reason for offering both.

If you’re looking for a wedding videography for your wedding, I encourage you to contact me!  I would love to speak with you about your special day!  Have a great weekend everyone!