Living in Florida, maybe like many of you, I envy the fall colors that I start to see around this time from other places around the states.  Some of things that I miss being here are seeing the leaves change color, experiencing the cool air during the fall / winter days, and obviously snow.  But since God has me here where I am at the moment, I can at least take a beautiful image and tweak it in such a way as to bring a smile to my face seeing that “fall” or “winter” look.

Below are some images where I have done just that.  I’ll be shooting some more of my family and some friends coming up here and so you’ll start seeing more of these fall looks coming at ya.  In the meantime, turn on that looping fireplace on YouTube and kick back and scroll through some fall images.

Daytona Beach Fall Images
Daytona Beach Fall Image
Port Orange Family Images

These are just a few examples of what can be done.  I absolutely love shooting portraits and seeing that beautiful greenery behind everyone.  But around this time of the year, I’m like, “Ahhh … let’s add a little something something to the image and kick it up a notch.”  LOL

If I’m working with your family over the next 2 months or so and you’re interested in this look with your images, please just let me know.  You’ll get the originals, plus I’ll have a little fun and give ya that fall look as well.  Show ’em off to your friends and tell ’em you just got back from a trip to Tennessee!