Foster Family Holiday Portraits

This holiday season, in addition to the family portraits specials that I offer every year —  I wanted to do a little something different and extend this special to families that foster also.  Fostering is a special sacrifice that a family commits to as it can severely disrupt your schedule, your normal way of life, and the normal day to day activities that you are used to doing.  My wife and I can attest to all of this.  We’ve been foster parents over a year now and it has impacted us tremendously.  Things that these poor kids go through who are “in the system” is just heart wrenching and if a family can provide the love, stimulation, and stability that these kids needs – that’s what it’s all about.  Many of the kids that are in foster care are there primarily due to neglect — the parents are wrapped up in drugs, meth, alcohol, you name it – and the kids are left out by the wayside.  We’ve only been doing it a year, but it’s been enough to open our eyes to things we never knew about before and I’ve had many jaw dropping and tear jerking moments to hear of what other families have gone through.  There is a saying that you can never understand what a foster family goes through, unless you have fostered yourself — and I 100% understand that now.  Anyway, enough of my babbling …

I have another weekend coming up here soon with a whole truck load of families scheduled – but here are just a few of the images that I have captured so far.  I even went so far as to bring one of my Christmas backgrounds out on location and see what I could do with it (and trying to battle the sun at the same time) – but they came out pretty good I think.

Daytona Beach Holiday Portraits
Daytona Beach Holiday Photos
Ormond Beach Holiday Portraits
New Smyrna Beach Holiday Portraits
Holiday Portraits Port Orange