Daytona Beach Video Production

Daytona Beach Video Production

Many of you know me as a photographer. Others know me as the “video guy.” And others know I do a great deal of portraits. But honestly, I do all of these and do them all quite frequently. I utilize and work with video the most, and there is usually someone’s wedding footage that I’m working on or a video (such as this) that’s happening in the background. The point is I wanted to create another promotional video highlighting what I offer so that all cards are out on the table.

I absolutely love being a part of a wedding and covering a bride’s special day on video. With me are multiple cameras, lenses, audio gear, tripods, monopods, and lighting – much more than what most of your photographers bring – and hence the reason for the cost. Weddings are a lot of work … but also a great deal of fun also. And though I love images, there’s nothing like being able to see your first dance, the cutting of your cake, and the send off all in real time. I have several weddings in November and several in December, so you’ll see upcoming footage of all of these events.

Real Estate Virtual Tours are something that I also offer that is very different from the ones you see online now.  Most of those are simple images that are scaled and faded in and out back and forth.  What I offer is a real walk through of the home in real time so that the potential buyer can see the home for how it is and how the house flows overall.  These are best performed when the house is furnished with furniture and additional options such as a voice over, Realtor introduction, etc. can be added to enhance your video.

I also produce promotional videos such as the one you’ll see below.  With the web and social media now-a-days, depending on your target audience – you can actually reach far more people with a video produced for this format.  Air time on television is expensive and statistics have shown that you can actually target more people in today’s market through the web and social media.

Family portraits have always been a favorite of mine.  I love working with families and especially kids.  I have a great time when I’m with a family and we shoot to capture some great images and memories!

Again, enjoy the video below and if you’re looking for something similar for your business, please do not hesitate to contact me!