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Daytona Beach Orlando Wedding Videography – USB Drives

A new feature that I will be adding to my wedding package is this super cool looking credit card style USB flash drive.  It will also feature a handy little case that the drive will actually slide in to.  The great thing about this addition is that the new bride can carry it in her purse, her pocket, etc. and can simply take it out and plug it in whenever she needs.  I’m excited to be offering this, and all new brides that I work with will be receiving one of these.

The one question I’ve already been asked is, “Will you be getting rid of your offer of DVDs?”  No, not at this time.  Many couples that I work still would like this physical media and I actually enjoy jumping into the DVD authoring program and creating your animated menus, scene selections, and fancy DVD artwork.  There are many videographers who I know who simply don’t know how to create, author, and render a DVD – and it is for this reason that this option is not offered by them.  The other reason is also that many see physical media as an outdated technology (and I see this point – think about most of your new laptops and computers now a days — there is no media drive at all).  While there may come a time when I will discontinue DVD rendering, for right now this will simply be an additional bonus and no extra charge to the bride.

I’m looking forward to handing these out and I’ll take numerous pictures of the drive when they come in (and I’ve got several coming to me very soon).

Wedding Videography USB Drive