Daytona Beach, Orlando, St. Augustine Wedding Videography

Capturing the Bride on Video

I have just finished up another wedding this past weekend, captured on video at the Daytona Beach Shores Resort and Spa, the Casements in Ormond Beach, and the beautiful Oceanside Country Club in Ormond Beach.  I’ll have video online shortly, but in the meantime, I’m gathering all of the footage that was captured and beginning to organize everything so it all makes sense and I know what’s where (i.e. guys getting ready, bridal prep, pics outside, ceremony, toasts).  With over 100GBs of footage, there’s a lot to go through and organize – but once it’s complete, I can start rocking and rolling through the film.

While I can use both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere (yes, I’m on a Mac baby!) – I prefer to use Premiere and below are a couple of screen shots of beginning to set everything up, create multi-cam sequences, etc.

Capturing the Bride on Video Central Florida Wedding Videography Ormond Beach Wedding Videography Lake Mary Wedding Videography St. Augustine Wedding Videography Daytona Beach Wedding Videography


Carl & Charnele Baker’s Wedding Trailer – Orlando Heaven Events Center

Carl and Charnele Wedding - Orlando Heaven Events Center - Orlando Wedding Videography

I had the pleasure recently of working with two beautiful individuals and their families, capturing their special day on video.  Carl and Charnele were married at the gorgeous Heaven Events Center in Orlando and it was a joy to be there with them throughout the day.

My team and I started out capturing details of the Events center and then moved to begin filming both the girls and guys getting ready.  While doing that, I also was able to grab some individual audio from various family members and be able to have this play throughout the video, giving the video more feel and emotion.

Below is a highlight reel from their special day and I was honored to be selected to capture their memories!

Photography: Joa Photography
DJ:  Groove Maestros DJ and Lighting Service
Videography:  James Shuler Photography & Videography
Cake:  Anna Cakes
Wedding Coordinator: Young Love Events


Wedding Videography Holiday Savings – Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Deland, St. Augustine

Daytona Beach Wedding Videography

During the remainder of this month and through the December 20th, I am offering $100,00 off of both my silver and platinum packages for wedding videography.  There have been several couples that have already taken advantage of the savings and I want to make sure everyone is aware.  Both of these packages offer multiple videographers with 3-4 cameras running during your ceremony to capture your emotion, memories, and love for each other.  The only thing that is required is a signed contract and a $200 deposit to lock things for your date for 2016.  Take advantage of the savings now!  Prices will go back to normal after the 20th.


AJ & Lindsey Henderson Wedding – LPGA International


There’s nothing better than celebrating with two people getting married on their special day!  I captured AJ and Lindsey’s wedding this past weekend on October 10th, and had a great time during their wedding snapping away throughout the day and evening.  And hey, what photographer do you know that gets on the dance floor with the bride and groom during the Cupid Shuffle.  Yeah baby!  This guy right here!  LOL!

I’m still working on wrapping up their images, but in the meantime, enjoy this cute little video I put together highlighting their wedding day!

Henderson Wedding Highlight Video – LPGA from James Shuler on Vimeo


Daytona Beach, Lake Mary, Orlando Wedding Videography – Audio Differences


There’s nothing worse than watching a wedding video and seeing the emotion, the laughs, the tears, the audio that’s playing in the background … and then you hear the audio of someone speaking and they sound like they’re in a hole or it was recorded in a basement.  That will absolutely kill your overall presentation.  And I can’t tell you how many wedding videos that I’ve watched where I hear exactly this.  You can tell right off from the quality of the video whether it’s going to be good or not, and then all of the sudden, BAAM, the bombshell drops when you hear the audio.  And what goes through my mind at that point is what was this videographer / editor thinking?  Did the Bride/Groom truly not do enough digging and research on videographers when selecting this one?  Did they not ask the right questions?   I realize videography is an after thought for some couples, and for others they definitely see the value.  I just don’t understand how future brides can watch so many beautiful videos …. but then want to pay far less and expect the same quality.

Audio can make or break a video, period, and you need to make sure that your wedding videographer knows how to capture clean audio.  In the video below, you can hear the difference with audio captured from an on camera microphone in this room (Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry) vs. audio captured correctly.  Don’t make this mistake when hiring your wedding videographer.  If you have any questions on wedding videography for your wedding, please do not hesitate to contact me – I would love to speak with you, answer your questions on things, and explain exactly how I do things on your wedding day!


Daytona Beach, Mount Dora, Ocala Wedding Videography – One Videographer vs. Two

Wedding Videography Daytona Beach

Another question I’m asked often – “Do you have a package that offers just one videographer?”  I do – however, all of the wedding films that you’ve awww’d and ooo’d about while watching videos online are not going to come out exactly like that.  “What do you mean?”  What I mean is those beautiful videos that are on my website (and others) were shot by multiple videographers and multiple cameras were also rolling to give me more angles and more great footage for your wedding film.

Sometimes, I have to admit, that I’m a little perplexed at how a bride can want two photographers to cover all of those great angles and to get more shots – but yet not want the same on video?  Maybe it’s just me I guess.

In any case, I touch on the reasons why any bride NEEDS two videographers for her wedding right below.  When it’s me and my assistant there, there are at least three cameras rolling, if not four.  It makes it so much easier in the editing process and allows us to capture some fantastic angles for your overall wedding video.  If you’re on the fence, I strongly encourage you to go with at least two.  But enough of my babbling – check out the 2nd episode in my wedding videography series to learn more!


Daytona Beach, Lake Mary, St. Augustine Wedding Videography – Overall Package

Videography Blog series

It’s one of the most often asked questions that I receive, and rightly so – it should be!  There are so many videographers out there that will give you X, and some give you Y.  And with so many options, it can be a little confusing as to who offers what or what you are getting overall.  My packages are straight forward so that you’ll know what you are receiving straight off the bat.  I know some videographers take the “You get a 10 minute video” and that’s all approach.  I completely understand where they’re coming from, but I do things a little differently.

With my packages, you will receive an overall highlight trailer (3-10 minutes depending on the amount of coverage), but you’ll also receive all of the important memories of the day as well.  I’ve talked to numerous brides who although they feel watching the ceremony, which can be 15-30 minutes gets a little long, can be a little long – it’s still an important part of the day which they want to cherish and you’ll definitely have this on your media that you receive.  All of the other important moments are covered there as well.

The overall DVD is around 45 minutes long and you’ll definitely enjoy reliving your day over and over.  Pictures are great, but there’s nothing like seeing things in real time on video.  I go into things a little bit more in this first episode of my videography series below, so you can see how I roll and how I do things.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me!  I would love to hear from you.