Holiday Mini Session in Deland – Holiday Portraits

Family Portraits Daytona Beach

This family has always been a hoot to work with!  I get a chance to mess with their boys a little bit each time we see each other and I’ve known this family for quite some time now which makes things even more enjoyable.  I met them in their neighborhood in Deland and this area was absolutely gorgeous to shoot at, in terms of the scenery.  We had a great time, I captured some great video (which will be posted soon) and I tried to get some great images while we were there.

Below are a couple of sample images from their session.  Enjoy and thank you again Wallace family!

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Holiday Sessions Deland, Florida


Daytona Beach Video Production

Daytona Beach Videography

Daytona Beach Video Production

Many of you know me as a photographer. Others know me as the “video guy.” And others know I do a great deal of portraits. But honestly, I do all of these and do them all quite frequently. I utilize and work with video the most, and there is usually someone’s wedding footage that I’m working on or a video (such as this) that’s happening in the background. The point is I wanted to create another promotional video highlighting what I offer so that all cards are out on the table.

I absolutely love being a part of a wedding and covering a bride’s special day on video. With me are multiple cameras, lenses, audio gear, tripods, monopods, and lighting – much more than what most of your photographers bring – and hence the reason for the cost. Weddings are a lot of work … but also a great deal of fun also. And though I love images, there’s nothing like being able to see your first dance, the cutting of your cake, and the send off all in real time. I have several weddings in November and several in December, so you’ll see upcoming footage of all of these events.

Real Estate Virtual Tours are something that I also offer that is very different from the ones you see online now.  Most of those are simple images that are scaled and faded in and out back and forth.  What I offer is a real walk through of the home in real time so that the potential buyer can see the home for how it is and how the house flows overall.  These are best performed when the house is furnished with furniture and additional options such as a voice over, Realtor introduction, etc. can be added to enhance your video.

I also produce promotional videos such as the one you’ll see below.  With the web and social media now-a-days, depending on your target audience – you can actually reach far more people with a video produced for this format.  Air time on television is expensive and statistics have shown that you can actually target more people in today’s market through the web and social media.

Family portraits have always been a favorite of mine.  I love working with families and especially kids.  I have a great time when I’m with a family and we shoot to capture some great images and memories!

Again, enjoy the video below and if you’re looking for something similar for your business, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Daytona Beach Orlando Wedding Videography – USB Drives

Wedding Videography USB Drive

A new feature that I will be adding to my wedding package is this super cool looking credit card style USB flash drive.  It will also feature a handy little case that the drive will actually slide in to.  The great thing about this addition is that the new bride can carry it in her purse, her pocket, etc. and can simply take it out and plug it in whenever she needs.  I’m excited to be offering this, and all new brides that I work with will be receiving one of these.

The one question I’ve already been asked is, “Will you be getting rid of your offer of DVDs?”  No, not at this time.  Many couples that I work still would like this physical media and I actually enjoy jumping into the DVD authoring program and creating your animated menus, scene selections, and fancy DVD artwork.  There are many videographers who I know who simply don’t know how to create, author, and render a DVD – and it is for this reason that this option is not offered by them.  The other reason is also that many see physical media as an outdated technology (and I see this point – think about most of your new laptops and computers now a days — there is no media drive at all).  While there may come a time when I will discontinue DVD rendering, for right now this will simply be an additional bonus and no extra charge to the bride.

I’m looking forward to handing these out and I’ll take numerous pictures of the drive when they come in (and I’ve got several coming to me very soon).

Wedding Videography USB Drive

Fall / Holiday Mini Sessions Now Booking – Port Orange, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach

Fall Colors in Daytona Beach

Fall / Holiday sessions are now in full effect!  This is the time, as many of you know, when I love to give back to the community as well as also drop my prices significantly for the holidays.  Give back to the community you ask?  Oh yes!  If you missed out – let me fill you in.

I did a shout out online about a week ago looking for some families to assist me in some promotional material that I’m working on.  The purpose behind this was two fold: (1) I honestly did need a few families to work with to enable me to not only capture some great images (which we will do), but to capture some great video footage also.  And secondly (2), I decided that whoever contacted me – their session would be completely free, no questions asked.  So, those of you that did reach out to me, congratulations to you and I look forward to working with you!  If you missed out, I may do this again down the road here, so be sure to follow my website and social media pages!

Back to the Mini Sessions!

Fall Colors in Daytona Beach

Information about the session can be found online on the front page of my website or by clicking the “Holiday Sessions” link across the top menu.  The sessions are mini sessions (30 minutes) and are designed to capture some great images of you and your family while also not being extremely long.  I understand some of you may have little ones and I completely understand how they can become restless, distracted, etc.  I’ve got two boys, so I definitely understand about kids and their short attention span (at times).  :-)  I’ve had a great time in the past with families, so I have no doubt that we’ll also have a great time during the session together.

Again, all of the information is on the Holiday sessions page and if you have any further questions or comments, you can always contact me here through the website or call me directly.  I look forward to working with you and your family!

– James