Ponce Inlet Beach Portraits – KY Family Fun

I had a great time recently with a beautiful family from Kentucky with their 13 month old.  He was quite the character and I was really amazed at how well he did during the entire session.  Most little guys and girls that age last maybe 10-15 minutes and then they’ve had enough.  And they’ll let you know it too!  But he did great and that allowed us to get some great pictures during the session.  Of course, talking about and showing him “Mickey” also helped draw some great smiles out of him as well!  In any case, here’s a random sampling of a few of the many images from their session.

FlynnDaytona_24 FlynnDaytona_23 FlynnDaytona_16 FlynnDaytona_11 FlynnDaytona_7 FlynnDaytona_1