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Crystal Ballroom - Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography Media Creation - How We Roll

Once a wedding is completed, the footage has been organized, and I’m nearing the ending of the overall wedding film - then the other part of my fun begins and that’s in rendering out the final product that the couple receives.  I offer…
Holiday Sessions Deland, Florida

Holiday Mini Session in Deland - Holiday Portraits

This family has always been a hoot to work with!  I get a chance to mess with their boys a little bit each time we see each other and I've known this family for quite some time now which makes things even more enjoyable.  I met them in their…
Holiday Mini Session Beach Portraits - Daytona Beach

Holiday Mini Session at New Smyrna Beach

I had the opportunity to work with this family in the past.  So when they inquired about the Holiday mini session that I offer just about every year,  I was excited to do this beach session especially after hearing about Mom's ideas that she…
Daytona Beach Videography

Daytona Beach Video Production

Many of you know me as a photographer. Others know me as the "video guy." And others know I do a great deal of portraits. But honestly, I do all of these and do them all quite frequently. I utilize and work with video the most, and there…
Foster Care

Entering the World of Foster Parenting

Today's blog post won't be your typical "what I'm up to", "what I'm working on" or "what wedding or video I'm producing, editing, etc."  Today's post is about real and raw emotions.  It's about excitement, laughter, fear, venturing into…
James Shuler Photography & Videography DVD Menu
Wedding Videography USB Drive
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Daytona Beach Orlando Wedding Videography - USB Drives

A new feature that I will be adding to my wedding package is this super cool looking credit card style USB flash drive.  It will also feature a handy little case that the drive will actually slide in to.  The great thing about this addition…