Meet Andy and Lindsey Wescoat

I had the honor of capturing Andy and Lindsey Wescoat’s wedding on video yesterday, October 1st, at the beautiful Wilbur Boathouse.  The wedding was beautiful, the reception was an absolute blast, and I got the opportunity to work alongside some amazing vendors.

The day began with capturing Lindsey and her family getting ready at the Dayt0na Beach Shores Resport and Spa.  She had a room with a beautiful deck and when I started filming, the make up vendors had just arrived.  This allowed me to meet everyone in the room, get some gorgeous video of her getting ready, and capture some audio from those that were there (her mother, sister-in-law, etc).  From there, Kim and Dan from Our Day Wedding Photography arrived (I love working with these guys!), and we continued to grab the shots that we need while work together moving in and out of each other’s way (lol).

Andy and Lindsey had a gorgeous wedding directly on the beach and then from there, everyone moved to the Wilbur Boathouse for one heck of a reception.  I’ll have their wedding video posted online as soon as I can – but in the meantime, check out Instagram and my Facebook page as videos from the wedding day will be posted there often.  (Also, if you’re on mobile reading this – you need to hop on your Mac/PC and check out the small snippets of video from their day that play as soon as you land on this blog post.  Although, my site has been optimized for mobile devices, you’ll see a lot more video on my pages and posts if you’re on your computer).  Have a great day everyone!