Meet James - James Shuler Photography & Videography

Hello everyone!  I am a husband, father, and nerd extraordinaire (as my wife tells me often)!  I enjoy sports (especially football season baby!), spending time with my kids, and of course being with my wonderful wife.  I’m extremely easy going and when I’m not spending time with my family, I have this weird nerdy obsession and fascination with video and photography.  So much so that my kids usually run likes roaches when they see me pull out the cameras.  Seriously …. you can even ask them!

I love giving back to the community with my time and talents so throughout the year, and especially during the holidays, you’ll see me running specials on family sessions, fall minis, Christmas sessions, etc.  This year (2017), I’ll be incorporating a time frame focused on our law enforcement, military families, and families that desire a photo session, but for some reason simply can’t swing it.  My wife and I are also foster parents – so they’ll be a time frame focused on that as well.

Again, thank you for browsing the site and if there’s any questions that you have, please do not hesitate to text me, call me, or shoot me an email through my contact page.  I look forward to hearing from you!  (And yes, since many have asked — I designed my website – it’s not outsourced.  If you need yours spiced up – give me a shout)!

– James