Joe and Chanti Williams – Noah’s Event Venue – Lake Mary

Joe and Chanti Williams are two of the nicest individuals that I’ve ever met (and had the pleasure of working with). So, I was honored to be able to capture their wedding at the beautiful Noah’s Event Venue in Lake Mary.

I met Chanti there the week prior to go over the flow of the day and to talk about a couple of minor questions that I had at the time. This allows me to think about where I will be placing cameras during the day and to be able to picture, mentally, where I will be throughout the day as well. This is something that I always try to do with all of the brides that I work with (especially if it’s a venue that I’ve never been to before) and if we’re not able to meet there prior, I’ll do my best to attend their rehearsal. We went over dressing room locations, where the ceremony was going to be, and their reception area (which is absolutely beautiful I might add). Just a quick plug — if you’re thinking about having your wedding here … yeah …. you should go ahead and sign now.

I arrived there early and jumped right in to filming her and the girls getting ready in addition to other particular shots that I like to grab. I also had the pleasure of working alongside the extremely talented Kimberly and Dan Phipps of Our Day Wedding Photography (a team I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous times and a team that I would highly, highly recommend for your wedding images). Like … super highly. :-)

Joe and Chanti had a beautiful (and emotional) ceremony. I was even trying to play tough guy on the side behind the camera and play it off like my eyes were itching. They were seriously … I mean kinda …. ok, yeah, you got me … I was tearing up. But I maintained my manly composure and kept the camera rolling. And if you know the rocky road that Chanti has been through prior to the wedding, you’ll understand why.

The party kicked off at their reception and we all had a great time from there. There were some more emotional moments here, but following that – everyone had a great time, there was some great dancing, and I was able to grab some beautiful video for this beautiful couple.

Thank you again Joe / Chanti for allowing me to capture your wedding and my God continue to bless you both in your many years of marriage to come!

Check out their wedding video below!

Joe & Chanti Williams Wedding