Daytona Beach Wedding Videography Fun Moments

Throughout the day, when I’m capturing a wedding on video, I’m more than likely going to get a few clips that can be used as “bloopers” or fun moments if you will.  This video below was one of those times.

I had asked Kimberly to let me get a shot of the two of them kissing so I could snag it on video, knowing all the while that I was going to mess with them for a little bit when they did it.  I even turned around, beforehand, to her bridesmaids and said “Watch me mess with them on this one …” LOL.  So, I proceeded to tell them to go ahead and kiss and in the meantime I asked them to “hold it … hold it …. hold it” and then ended up loosing it and started laughing — which at that point they caught on to what was going on and started laughing themselves.  Queue the Jeff Foxworthy voice here —> “If your wedding videographer likes to goof around and asks you to hold it during a kiss …. you might be working with James Shuler Photography & Videography.”  I promise, there’s no “boring video guy” when working with me brides.  We’ll capture some great video … and have some great laughs also!

Click the video below and enjoy!

Daytona Beach Wedding Videography

A quick video of their wedding day is below:

Matthew Kimberly Daytona Beach Wedding