Behind the Scenes at Daytona Beach

Family Portraits in Daytona Beach

I’ve got an upcoming video post in the works for everyone where I walk through some of my workflow regarding beach portraits and all of the fun that I have out there with families.  Everything from the camera/lenses that I use, what settings I usually shoot at, and my workflow when the session is over.  I’ve worked with many families over the years with some of them being photographers themselves and it’s always interesting talking to others how they do things, tricks that have worked for them, lessons that they have learned, etc.  Some photo / video nerds that I know don’t like to talk about that information – but I don’t mind sharing at all.  We’re all in the same boat learning everyday is the way I see it and if someone else has helped me with something, maybe I can help someone else who is going through the same thing regarding Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. workflow.  There’s not a “manual” per se on doing things – we’ve all got our own styles and that’s what makes each other’s work unique.

In the meantime, enjoy shooting everyone and have a great week!  – James